Tender – Team World Championship (WM)

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  1. Title
    The winning team will obtain the title 'World Champion' in online-Skat.
  2. Host
    Team WC will be carried out in two rounds within the World Championship of Online Skat.
    Main round and Final.
  3. Overview
      Main round Final round
    Start End of January early March
    Qualification   9 best teams from the main round
    Days of play 6 1
    Mandatory series
    12 2
    Entry fees 10 euros per team member
    penalty 1-2 games 0.50 euros
    3-4 games 1.00 euros
    5-6 games 2.00 euros
    from 7 game 3.00 euros
    Total evaluation All entry fees will be distributed to 100%. 50% of the penalty will also be distributed.
  4. Mode
    1. A team will comprise of at least 7 members. The maximum number of members will be 10. A member is the representative of the team and is responsible for registration and positioning of the team.
      A team with less than 10 registered teamplayers, can call up players which did not play for any other team in the running championship. An exchange of correctly registered players is not possible.
    2. 6 players of a team will participate in every series.
    3. Per running series every team has the option to exchange a player once.
    4. Shall a player be exchanged, the team official has to inform the tournament director. Only then and when the substitute is present on the server, the player who should be exchanged can interrupt the series and leave the table.
    5. Should a player be sidelined during a running series and an exchange has already been done, the table will be completed with a neutral substitute. The sidelined player gets 0 tablepoints.
    6. On every day of play, 2 series will have to be played by every team to reach evaluation. There will be 2 series on every play day.
    7. All played series will be included in the evaluation. There will be no elimination series.
    8. The first series will be used at random and all others according to the last played series result.
      Example for 5 teams
      Tisch 1 M1Sp1 M2Sp5 M4Sp3
      Tisch 2 M1Sp2 M2Sp6 M4Sp4
      Tisch 3 M1Sp3 M3Sp1 M4Sp5
      Tisch 4 M1Sp4 M3Sp2 M4Sp6
      Tisch 5 M1Sp5 M3Sp3 M5Sp1
      Tisch 6 M1Sp6 M3Sp4 M5Sp2
      Tisch 7 M2Sp1 M3Sp5 M5Sp3
      Tisch 8 M2Sp2 M3Sp6 M5Sp4
      Tisch 9 M2Sp3 M4Sp1 M5Sp5
      Tisch 10 M2Sp4 M4Sp2 M5Sp6

    9. A fixed list will be used in the finals.
    10. Table evaluation:
      The evaluation on the table will be according to the points played. Depending on the positioning on the table, table points will be provided. Maximum 12 table points per table will be provided. Points will be divided if there is a draw.
      Positioning Table points
      Position 1 on table 6
      Position 2 on table 4
      Position 3 on table 2
      Example 1 and 2 player draw
      Player 1 5
      Player 2 5
      Player 3 2
    11. Team evaluation:
      All table points of the members will be included in the team result. In case of a draw in the total evaluation, won and lost games will be counted after dividing the points.
    12. Played points will be carried over to the next round. After completion of the 3. Matchday, the qualification for the finals will take place in the main round. A certain number of teams will be eliminated from the 3. Matchday.
      Example of the starting field each Matchday:
      matchday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
      teams main round final round
      14 14 14 14 13 11 10 9
      16 16 16 16 14 12 10 9
      22 22 22 22 18 15 11 9
      30 30 30 30 24 18 12 9

    13. If a team is present in time before beginning a series, the series participation is possible. If a player needs to leave during a series, the table will be provided a replacement player. The player who has left will receive 0 table points.
    14. If a team does not attend on a play day, this team will be disqualified immediately. If a team is present on a play day, but plays only 1 of the 2 necessary play series, the team will get 0 points for the series that is not played.
    15. 9 best teams will reach the main rounds.
  5. Entry fee
    Entry fee is 10 euros per team member.
  6. Penalty
    penalty will be due for lost games depending on the levels:
    1-2 games 0.50 euros
    3-4 games 1.00 euros
    5-6 games 2.00 euros
    from 7 game 3.00 euros
  7. Winning amount
    100% of the entry fees and additional 50% of all penalty from all the rounds will be distributed through the WC-pot.

    The following are
    guaranteed for 50 teams
    and will be adjusted according
    to the actual size
    of the starter field.
    Position Winning amount
    1 1.500,00 €
    2 1.250,00 €
    3 1.000,00 €
    4    700,00 €
    5    600,00 €
    6    500,00 €
    7    400,00 €
    8    300,00 €
    9    200,00 €

State of tender: 2018-28-01