Tender – Basic Conditions

  1. Organizer
    The online Skat-World Championship will be held under the leadership of the DOSKV (Deutscher online Skatverband e.V.) starting in 2012 on an online server specially created for the World Championship.
  2. Host
    The online Skat-World Championship (WM hereinafter) will be held according to the rules of the Turnier- und Sportordnung des DOSKV (TSO) and the rules of the International Online Skatordnung (IOSKO). Furthermore the rules of the DOSKV will apply to all participants as applicable.

    The World Championship is divided into two categories:
    Single World Championship (including tandem-championship)
    Team World Championship

    The next Championship games will be played as follows.
    2022 January - March
  3. Terms and Conditions
    Participants must be at least 18 years of age. The World Championship player accounts must have sufficient funds for the entry fee and for possible game losses (5 Euro deposit). A proper registration is required. All suspended Players are excluded from the participation. All participants must be present on the World Championship server at least 10 minutes before the start of a series. Participants showing up later must expect not to be considered for the series. Appointments are not possible. A Series consists of 36 games. Players, who will experience an interruption with their internet connection, must return back to the game table within 10 minutes –or the tournament leader must be notified immediately. The series will be continued with a substitute player in case a disconnected player cannot return to the game within the allotted time line. The affected player will receive a 50 point penalty for each remaining game of the series; what will be deducted of the earned score. The limit being zero points! If negative, the score will be evaluated accordingly.
  4. Registration
    Each participant must register with the electronic registration form on the official web page for the World Championship.
    The registration deadline for the teams is 2 days before the start of the Team World Championship. There is no registration deadline for the Single World Championship.
    The registration is free of charge and limited to the time of the World Championship. There are no future obligations created. The World Championship account can be deleted 3 months after the end of the World Championship. An automatic generated Skat-ID will be sent via email, if the player doesn’t have one by the time of registration.
    1. A. In the email notification, DOSKV members will find a shortcut and instructions that outline a simplifying of the registration process. Although a transfer of championship points into their player ratings is possible.
    2. Written contact with the organizers will be made exclusively via email to the email address specified during registration.
  5. Start number / Skat-ID
    Each participant will receive a personal Skat-ID -if not already existent. All participants have to identify themselves with the full name and the personal Skat-ID. The result of the Worldchampionship will be published with full names, starting numbers and Skat-ID. Nicknames won’t be assigned .
  6. Team Names
    The team leader will assign a team name upon registration. The team name has to consist of two parts.
    Part 1: WM-Team
    Part 2: Individual team name

    The team name is unique and can only be used by one team. For example, it can be a Country name, the name of the sponsor or a made up name. The entitlement to a team name does not exist.
  7. Tandem Names
    The first tandem partner will assign a tandem name upon registration. The tandem name has to consist of two parts.
    Part 1: WM-Tandem
    Part 2: Individual tandem name

    The tandem name is unique and can only be used by one tandem. The entitlement to a tandem name does not exist.
  8. Player Account
    1. Each participant will receive an online account upon successful registration, in which the paid funds for the Word Championship can be managed. The account can be terminated at the end of the World Championship and the available balance can be withdrawn from the account.
    2. The withdrawal of funds is possible at any time.
    3. DOSKV Members can use their existing player account.
  9. Deposits
    1. Deposits to the personal player account, or to the benefit of another participant can be made by bank transfer, stating the full name as well as the starting number to the World Championship account; or other deposit options via form in the login-area.
    2. DOSKV Member can use their existing Player Account as usual.
  10. Withdrawal
    The appropriate account information has to be transmitted via email for a withdrawal via bank transfer.
  11. Fees
    1. Bank fees are paid by the depositor and must be added to the deposit amount.
    2. The bank fees for transfers from the Word Championship account back to the original account are paid by the respective participants.
  12. Team Account
    A team account is not necessary. The entry fee for the team will be deducted from each team member’s account by the beginning of the first series.
  13. Court of Arbitration
    Arbitration decisions are carried out in accordance with the orders of the Court of Arbitration for the DOSKV.
  14. Server Failure /Internet Interruption
    A new date will be announced by the tournament lead if, for technical reasons, a scheduled series cannot be played. Only the remaining games will be re-scheduled, should such a decision be required during a series.
  15. Language
    The applicable language used by the World Championship is German. All translations are provided for the ease of understanding and the exchange of available information.
  16. Further Regulations
    This tender is divided hereinafter and belongs to the tender for the Single World Championship, Tandem World Championship and the Team Word Championship.
  17. Final Regulations
    These rules apply for the duration of the Word Championship and are binding. Meaningful and casual changes that are necessary for the practical operation can be added to these regulations only as an addition, accompanied by the time of validity on which they come into force. Rule changes will be announced in a timely manner. Necessary additions must comply with the basic rules in a competitive sense.

State of tender: 2014-12-01